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Make Your Manufacturing Process Efficient with Rotary Die Cutting at Evans EVCo

Rotary die cutting is a highly efficient process used to create complex shapes and patterns with paper, film, or foam. At Evans EVCO in Kansas City Missouri, rotary die cutting allows us to quickly produce high-quality products that meet customer specifications with accuracy and precision. Through our rotary die cutting capabilities, we are able to convert flexible materials into custom parts, labels and components. Our rotary die cutting capabilities Our rotary die cutting services allow us to ... Read More

Maximizing Efficiency with Industrial Tape Fabrication: A Look at Evansevco's Capabilities

As a leader in industrial tape fabrication, Evans Evco is committed to providing top-quality products and services to meet the needs of our customers. Our capabilities extend beyond simply producing and distributing adhesive tape - we offer a range of secondary services to enhance efficiency and streamline production processes.Rotary Die Cutting CapabilitiesOne of these services is die cutting. This process involves using a die to cut tape into specific shapes and sizes, allowing for precise and ... Read More

The Art of Adhesive Lamination: Let Evans EVCO Help You Achieve Your Goals

Adhesive lamination is a popular process used to join two surfaces or materials using an adhesive. It's a reliable and cost-effective method of bonding and sealing that can be used for products in the industrial and consumer markets. Evans EVCO specializes in providing high quality, laminate adhesive tapes for a variety of applications. High performance adhesives Their extensive selection of laminate adhesives includes high performance acrylics, resilient rubber based adhesives and more—all tail ... Read More

PVC vs polypropylene tape: Which is best for packaging and loading?

(BPT) - Which tape is best for heavy-duty packaging needs, PVC or polypropylene? In a nutshell, the standard carton sealer known as polypropylene tape is the inexpensive go-to for lighter packages. PVC tape is optimal for heavier, bulkier shipments. Yet both tapes come in various grades and strengths. To build your start-to-finish solution for your entire packaging line, familiarize yourself with the differences with this simple guide.Polypropylene tapes for packagingPolypropylene tape, sometime ... Read More

Rotary Die Cutting is Vital to Industry and Manufacturing

Rotary die cutting is a type of cutting process used to cut materials such as paper, cardboard, plastics, leather and fabrics. It uses a rotary tool with a cylindrical or round cutting blade that rotates around an axis to create precise cuts. This process can be used for both linear and contoured shapes, meaning it is ideal for creating intricate designs. To keep the shape consistent and accurate, the material being cut must remain still while the rotary wheel moves along the length of it.Less L ... Read More

Find Industrial Tape That Is Designed with Dependability in Mind

Industrial tape is a type of adhesive-backed material used for a variety of purposes in industrial and commercial settings. Commonly referred to as duct tape, electrical or masking tape, industrial tapes are often multi-purpose products that offer superior adhesion and durability. Industrial types of tapes come in many forms including flat back paper, cloth, aluminum foil and plastic. Depending on the application, some tapes may have additional features such as flame retardancy or waterproofing ... Read More

Trust Premium Laminate Polyester Tape to Get a Project Completed

Laminate polyester tape is a type of adhesive material used for many applications in the industrial and commercial sectors. It is often referred to as PET tape or Mylar tape and is available in a variety of grades, thicknesses, and adhesives depending on its intended use. Laminated polyester tape offers excellent performance when it comes to high temperature resistance, chemical resistance, moisture resistance, abrasion resistance, electrical insulation properties, thermal stability, accuracy an ... Read More

Top Applications and Benefits of 3M VHB Tapes

(BPT) - 3M VHB tapes are used by manufacturers across industries for their unique adhesive characteristics and manufacturability. VHB stands for “Very High Bond,” and as the name implies, VHB tape can be an ideal material for permanent bonding applications. This versatile family of double-sided foam tapes uses acrylic adhesives to provide high bond strength that actually increases over time. VHB tape can be used to replace screws, rivets, welds and other traditional fasteners, as well as for NVH ... Read More

Discover The Value of Laminate Adhesive Tape

Laminate adhesive tape is a versatile product that can be used for a variety of applications. It is durable and can withstand high temperatures, making it ideal for use in environments where other adhesives would fail. Laminate adhesive tapes can be used to bond laminate sheets together, as well as to attach laminate to substrates such as wood, metal, or plastic. It can also be used to create custom laminate shapes and designs. Laminate tape is available in a variety of widths and lengths to sui ... Read More

Discover The Possibilities with Fabricating Capabilities in Kansas City

There are a few different categories of fabricating capabilities in Kansas City. These include: - Cutting: This is the process of using power tools or machines to cut materials into shapes. - Joining: This is the process of connecting two or more pieces of material together. - Forming: This involves shaping materials into three-dimensional objects by molding, casting, or pressing them into a desired shape. - Finishing: This is the process of polishing or painting surfaces to ... Read More

All About Digital Cutting

Digital cutting is a process of using digital technology to cut or remove material from a workpiece. This can be done with a variety of tools, including lasers, water jets, and plasma torches.  Cutting that is digital is often used for prototyping or small-scale production runs, as it can be faster and more precise than traditional methods like sawing or milling. It can also be used to create complex shapes or patterns that would be difficult to produce using other methods. Advantages ... Read More

Surface protective film 101: Protect products and parts at each stage of production

(BPT) - One of the challenges in business is finding cost-effective product protection solutions at every stage of development, from storage of raw materials to shipping the final product. Surface protection that prevents the occurrence of scrapes, scratches, nicks and dings on painted and finished surfaces is particularly important to reducing product waste and customer returns in a competitive marketplace.Surface protective films are designed to provide different levels of protection against d ... Read More

Explore The Innovation of Rotary Die Cutting

Rotary die cutting is a process that uses a rotary cutting tool to cut material as it passes through a die. This process can be used to cut a variety of materials, including paper, cardboard, plastic, metal, and foam. Rotary cutting is often used in the packaging industry to create product packaging, such as boxes and labels. It is also used in the printing industry to create printed products, such as books and magazines. Rotary die cutting is an efficient and versatile method for mass-producing ... Read More

Explore the Options with Flatbed Die Cutting Services

There are many flatbed die cutting options available to those in need of this specialized service. Whether you're looking for a way to cut out intricate shapes or you need a large-scale operation, flatbed die cutting can provide the perfect solution. Here's a look at some of the different types of cutting services that are available:-Intricate shapes: If you need to cut out intricate shapes, flatbed die cutting is the perfect solution. This type of die cutting can be used to create detailed desi ... Read More

Learn More About Options Regarding Fabricating Capabilities

There are a variety of fabricating capabilities available to those interested in pursuing this technology. Fabricating related capabilities allow for the creation of various items, including clothing, tools, and other objects. This technology can be used to create customized items or to mass-produce items for sale. Fabricating can be used for a variety of purposes, and there are several companies that offer these services.Technology is Constantly EvolvingFabrication type work is done by using ra ... Read More