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Evans EVCO: A reliable converter since 1930

As a U.S.-based ISO9001-certified facility with nearly a century of experience, what truly sets us head and shoulders above other converters is our expertise and ability to adapt to any situation — and that starts with quality solutions. Whether you know exactly what you need, or you haven’t solidified a prototype, Evans EVCO can assist you every step of the way.

While we can truly say we’ve seen it all, we take the time to learn the ins and outs of your operation to deliver custom, effective solutions. From initial strategy to full-scale production, we can be the partner you need to optimize your operations.

In the print and paper industry, we have special expertise inweb slicing and over-laminate tapes. We have products to facilitate web processing, photo lab production, print production and finishing, all of which hold up to even the most rigorousof standards.
Evans EVCO is a one-stop source for your print and paper needs — take a look at our full capabilities below to see how we can make a difference for you.

Printing Applications

There are a number of uses and applications that call for adhesives in the printing industry. We are proud to carry an extensive line of quality adhesives that can be used in a few different applications such as:

Mounting and hanging

Prints, paintings and other works of printed art need to be mounted in order to be fully appreciated. That’s where adhesives come in. Our line of adhesives can be customized to fit exact dimensions and applications to ensure the perfect display.

Temporary holding and protection

In any industry, there are times for temporary holds. For printing, this typically includes the protection of artwork during transportation or storage. For this application, you need a high-quality adhesive that can be removed without residue.

Splicing of printing materials

Splicing is a common practice in the printing industry. Quality adhesives can aid in this area, thereby creating a streamlined and efficient end-to-end production layout.

Printing Capabilities

Our in-house team and comprehensive inventory can provide a number of capabilities for your operations. Some of these capabilities include:



Evans EVCO can work with you from the start to find your perfect solution. We can prototype tape configurations to aid in establishing part and process specifications.


All of our products are available for die-cutting, meaning we can find the best solution for your needs, even if that solution is entirely custom.


Evans EVCO can be with you from prototyping to packaging, as we can also provide custom labeling and packaging services.Check out our services

Products / Materials

Evans EVCO is a one-stop source for your print and paper industry tape needs. We supply tape products that can facilitate web processing, photo lab production, print production and finishing. Additionally, all of our products can be paired with custom slitting and rewinding services to perfectly match the material size to your capabilities.

Below are just a few of the products we offer that are relevant to printing. For a full list of available materials, visit our product overview page via the link below.

When you work with Evans EVCO, you don’t work with a converter — you work with a partner.

After nearly a century in business, we have refined our ability to present multiple solutions for any problem or application no matter the size. This means our experts can guide you to the perfect printing solution whether that be mounting and hanging or transportation needs.

In addition to our extensive inventory, we also offer die-cutting, slitting and rewinding, laminating, custom labeling, and custom packaging services so we can be with you every step from prototype to packaging. Contact us today to gain a partner in the converting business.

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