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Splicing Applications

Looking for a solution to achieve longer production runs and enhance production efficiency? Splicing tape for web processing enables you to keep production moving — no stoppages to rethread the machines when it’s time to switch to a new roll of film or paper. At the same time, the right splicing tape will maintain the integrity of the joined materials.

But not all splicing tape is alike. For the best outcome, choose the splicing tape that’s best designed for material and the web process by considering key factors, including tack of the substrate, thickness, temperature conditions and the type of splice utilized.

That’s where Evans EVCO comes in. With our preferred partnership with 3M, we have the technical data and expertise to ensure you get the right tape to make a seamless splice every time. We can even customize your rolls to fit your production needs.
Let us help you enhance production quality and output with our expert capabilities and deep knowledge base of all things that have to do with adhesive tape.

Evans EVCO is your trusted source for splicing tape

We have the inventory and knowledge of all things relating to tape — we’ll equip you to unleash greater production efficiency with the best splicing tape solution for your webbing process.

Tailor-fit solutions

Need something customized? If the manufacturer doesn’t carry rolls of splicing tape in your desired width, let us make it for you! With our custom capabilities, we can slit larger rolls of splicing tape down to the size that’s right for your operation.

Extend manufacturing processes

As a rolled material unwinds its way to depletion during a manufacturing process, the steps needed to switch to a new roll and completely rethread the machine disrupt production while increasing the volume of waste. Gain valuable minutes with solutions that seamlessly connect rolls of material used in webbing processes. Splicing tape achieves an immediate impact on throughput, while also reducing downtime and helping to reduce your overall production costs.

Reduce wasted material

Splicing can also be used to salvage materials that would otherwise be discarded. Whether you’re looking to repurpose waste material or looking to salvage the damage after transit and handling, splicing can bring a high-value material back into production and reduce your overall expenses. Splicing can also be used to join the remaining material in an end roll thereby increasing the volume of usable material.

Splicing applications

  • Joining flexible materials in a web process
  • Repair and repurpose torn or damaged rolled materials
  • Salvage and repurpose scrap materials

Splicing materials and potential benefits

Single-coated Splicing Tape

Used for butt splicing two webs of flexible material, providing an edge-to-edge connection. For reinforcement, single-coated splicing tape may be applied to both sides of the web, however, there are many applications where one-side application will achieve the desired results, which can help achieve greater cost efficiencies. Using single-coated splicing tape for this technique ensures a smooth transition between webs, eliminates gaps, maintains web and helps achieve a continuous, seamless web process.

Double-coated Splicing Tape

Used for overlap or flying splicing for papers, films and foils, this double sided tape attaches to the end of the roll. Once the core is reached, the liner is removed and exposed to the next roll. Integrating the splice at the end of the roll ensures a built-in connection that’s ready to assemble and minimizes the interruption that accompanies a roll change.

Tabbing Tapes

Tabbing tapes are splicing tapes used for overlap or flying splices, but these feature a carrier to provide strength and structure to end rolls of delicate materials to reduce damage and tears during handling. Tabbing tapes provide excellent adhesion strength to flexible materials, and are used to ensure a seamless, successful transition from one roll to the next.

Splicing tape solutions from Evans EVCO

Evans EVCO offers a full range of splicing solutions. Our goal is to apply our expertise to enhance your production capabilities with the right material that reducing downtime and raising output.

Material consultation

Material consultation

Not sure which splicing tape is best for your web processing? Evans EVCO has answers. Not only do we have a complete inventory of tapes suited for a wide range of paper to film extrusion processing. But we’ll also complete an analysis that examines every facet of the splicing application, from substrate to production conditions. You can rely on our expertise to identify the splicing tape that performs best in your setting.
Custom slitting

Custom slitting

Improve assembly time and unify roll materials. Our custom slitting services can be utilized to cut rolls of splicing tape to the width that’s best suited for your application.

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