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What makes a quality converter? Access to the highest quality materials.

Evans EVCO is proud to offer a number of premium 3M products that can solve your application in the most effective way possible. Whether you are in need of industrial tapes, industrial adhesives, packaging products, or self-wound overlaminates, our extensive inventory can fulfill your production and performance requirements no matter the industry.

While we know providing the right material is paramount to success, we also value being a business partner, not just a business transaction. If you know exactly what you need — great. If you are unsure about what material is right for your application — even better. After nearly a century in business, we mean it when we say we’ve seen it all.

There is no job too big or small, industry or application too foreign, or material too unfamiliar for our team to provide expert guidance. So whether you are in need of a bulk or custom order, Evans EVCO can be the partner you need to identify the best solution to achieve the performance and durability requirements your application demands.

From automobile to aerospace, every industry needs an industrial tape for one application or another. Our complete line of 3M products can provide a secure, reliable bond even in the harshest of environments — and our tapes are perfect for not just bonding, but protecting, masking, enhancing, bundling and anything in between.

We carry a wide range of products including packaging tapes, single-coated tapes, double-coated tapes, pressure-sensitive adhesives and adhesive transfer tapes — all of which can be die-cut to your specifications.

Industrial adhesives can be used to provide a strong, reliable bond in a number of industries when screws or rivets just won’t cut it.

Epoxy adhesives are among the most versatile and durable fastener replacements available, hot melt adhesives are an effective bonding solution for a wide range of everyday products such as furniture and packaging, and industrial spray adhesives are advantageous for their ability to evenly coat large surface areas with ease — and we carry all of these varieties at Evans EVCO.

Whether you need a customized industrial adhesive or bonding application, we can be the partner you need to complete your job efficiently with the power of 3M products.

You’ve spent countless hours and resources formulating and perfecting your product — don’t let that hard work evaporate during the shipping process. Improper shipping containers, unreliable tapes and subpar cushioning can make even the most durable product damaged on arrival.

Evans EVCO’s wholesale packaging portfolio has what you need to meet your toughest shipping and packaging challenges. Whether you are in need of cushioning and protection, materials for a packaging line, expanding online fulfillment services, or are in search of the best palletizing material, we have the packing and shipping solutions you need. With our robust inventory and depth of product experience, our experts can help you identify the optimum products and processes for your application.

Self-wound overlaminates are pressure-sensitive films used to protect printed materials such as product labels and tags. Boasting a number of benefits such as the durability to withstand scratches and abrasion, versatility to be used with a number of materials and substrates, and overall cost-effectiveness, overlaminates are an ideal choice for protecting materials in various applications.

Evans EVCO is proud to offer durable self-wound overlaminates. From short-term outdoor applications to indoor label and tag applications, we have the reliable products you need. Coming in multiple thicknesses and facestocks, we offer laminate matte, laminate polypropylene and laminate polyester.

For nearly a century, Evans EVCO has been a trusted converter for businesses across the globe — and we bring that wealth of experience to every partnership and transaction.

No matter your industry, we have the quality products and expertise you need to complete your application in the most effective way possible. We offer a number of industrial tapes, industrial adhesives, packaging products and self-wound overlaminates that will guarantee success no matter how simple or complex your needs are.

It doesn’t matter if you are in the planning phase or know exactly what you need — contact our experts today to gain a converting and supply chain partner you can trust.

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