Surface Release Tapes

When the job requires freedom of movement, but grease and lubrication are not viable options, surface release tape provides a tidy and dependable solution for numerous industries and applications.

With one peel-and-stick option, die cut to your exact dimensions, surface release tape converts any surface to one with the smooth and non-stick properties you seek. Whether you’re looking to achieve a smooth, non-stick surface to control sound, or create a slip pad for conveyor belts and sliding mechanisms, or looking for easy-release solutions for heat sealing or composite molding, consult with our experts. We’ll help you identify the best surface release tape surface along with the adhesive properties best suited for the environment.

How do you choose the right surface release tapes for your application?

If you’re looking to create a slip plane to reduce noise or reduce wear and abrasion from the friction of moving parts, UHMW tapes are a good place to initiate a search.

However, for high-heat applications, Teflon coated, also referred to as PTFE tapes, can withstand extreme temperatures exceeding 500 degrees Fahrenheit. In the wake of these hot temperatures, its anti-stick surface facilitates the easy release of any materials or substances that come into contact with the surface of the tape.

Read the following to discover more about these high-performance tapes and how they can provide solutions for a wide range of applications.

Why use surface release?

Using surface release PTFE tapes and UHMW-PE surface release tapes provides a host of benefits for a number of industries and applications.

Facilitate movement

To facilitate movement between two unlike parts, applying grease and other lubricating agents isn’t always the ideal option. Surface release tape provides a peel-and-stick solution that creates a slippery, lubricated surface minus the hassle of grease and drips.

Reduce wear and sound

Application of 3M UHMW or PTFE tapes creates a wear and abrasion resistant barrier between moving parts that come into contact with each other. The ultra smooth surface of the tape also reduces and eliminates squeaks, hums and other noise caused by vibration and movement. Surface release tapes prolong the life of components.

Promote surface release

The anti-stick and high heat resistance of PTFE tapes can transform surfaces into an easy release medium, which is useful in applications where heat and pressure would result in a substance or material adhering to a surface.

Reinforce with protection

With its wide temperature range, ability to mitigate an electrical short and ability to provide exceptional chemical resistance of all thermoplastics, PTFE tapes provide a versatile solution to protect components and end users. Its ability to reduce friction decreases wear and energy inefficiency of machinery.

Surface release tape applications:

  • Noise reduction in moving parts
  • Friction resistant lining for conveyors, chutes, blades, slides and guide rails
  • Heat sealing, heat presses, laminating machines, composite molding
  • Friction resistance in sliding parts, bearings and gears

Non-stick materials: PTFE tapes vs UHMW tapes


These surface release tapes are engineered to create a smooth surface that stands in for lubrication. Because UHMW has a low coefficient of friction, it effectively reduces squeaks, rattles and other sounds produced by moving parts that make physical contact with each other. These tapes are used to provide a slip plane that provides an exceptional resistance to wear and abrasion. The UHMW used in the tape backing is Ultra-High Molecular Weight polyethylene, which features the highest impact strength rating of any thermoplastic and boasts a higher abrasion resistance compared to PTFE. It’s well suited in applications where the surface would be exposed to friction, rubbing and movement, enabling a performance that can last the life of the end product.

PTFE surface RELEASE tapes

When choosing between the two families of high-performance slick surface tape, heat is frequently the deciding factor. PTFE is made from Polytetrafluoroethylene film granting its ability to withstand temperatures in excess of 500 degrees Fahrenheit without melting or having a detrimental effect on its performance. Its non-conductive properties provides insulating abilities in electrical applications. Because it supports fast-wrapping speeds, PTFE boosts production efficiency for wire and cable insulation for aerospace and electrical applications. PTFE also provides an effective barrier as it’s the most chemically resistant plastic on the market.

Evans EVCO provides your complete solution for surface release tapes

When it comes to converting surface release tape to your specific applications, whether it’s UHMW or PTFE Teflon tape, Evans EVCO has the expertise to identify, fabricate and package your solution.

Materials selection

Materials selection

Thanks to our preferred partnership with 3M and others with top makers of surface release tapes, we have access to up-to-the-minute technical information and adhesive experts. As we analyze your project’s requirements, operating environment and other factors, we’re well-equipped to recommend the surface release tapes that will deliver the most dependable performance.


Surface release tape comes with a peel-off liner, making it an ideal medium for converting into custom die-cut parts. Our die-cutting services can achieve the shape and dimensions needed for a tailor-fit and optimized performance.
Formatting and Packaging

Formatting and Packaging

We can deliver finished die-cut parts on a peel-off liner and other formats. Our expertise in packaging ensures your parts arrive whole, intact and clearly organized for ease of assembly.

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