Masking and Surface Protection

Masking and surface protection is the unsung hero of many business’ day-to-day operations. From automotive to aerospace, these crucial processes are often used to shield, cover and preserve important surfaces from damage and contaminants.

At Evans EVCO, we understand just how important masking and surface protection are. With nearly a century of experience, we specialize in providing the products businesses need to successfully implement these activities, and can supply a number of premium products that can fit your application perfectly.
Partnering with Evans EVCO doesn’t simply mean access to high-quality materials — it means gaining a partner in the converting business. Our dedicated staff are experts at coming up with a number of solutions for your application, no matter how big or small. So, if you’re ready to gain a partner in masking and surface protection that you can trust and rely on, contact Evans EVCO today.

Why use masking and surface protection?


Masking tapes are the preferred choice of businesses around the world when painting parts or equipment. Easy to apply and easy to remove, our line of high-quality masking solutions can assist in any painting application.


Be it an electronic device or a larger piece of equipment, there are often times when surfaces need to be preserved. Surface protection can provide a reliable shield against scratches, contaminants, UV rays and more.

Increase efficiency

Tapes and protection products can help streamline efficiency across an entire organization. By protecting important surfaces, businesses can reduce any downtime related to replacing or cleaning parts.

Masking and surface protection applications



Aerospace is an extremely demanding industry in regard to regulations and safety standards. As such, masking and surface protection materials that protect crucial components from contaminants, painting and more, are a must.


Whether it be painting the body of a vehicle or safely transporting parts, masking and surface protection materials step up to the plate to help businesses of all sizes in this industry.

Masking and surface protection applications

At Evans EVCO, we supply a full range of masking tapes and surface protection materials to fit any application. Below are just a few of the products we offer in this space:

  • Single-coated tapes
  • Double-coated tapes
  • Adhesive transfer tapes
  • Over-laminating tapes
  • Laminate matte
  • Laminate polypropylene
  • Laminate polyester

Masking and surface protection services

Our in-house team and comprehensive inventory can provide a number of capabilities for your operations. Some of our masking and surface protection capabilities include:


Evans EVCO can work with you from the start to find your perfect solution. We can prototype tape configurations to aid in establishing part and process specifications.


All of our products are available for die-cutting, meaning we can find the best solution for your needs, even if that solution is entirely custom.

Custom slitting and rewinding

We also offer custom slitting and rewinding to match the material size to the needed dimension of your application.

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