Industrial Tapes

Evans Evco is the national leader in industrial tape distribution. From the automobile to the aerospace industry, Evans Evco has the appropriate industrial tape for you. Industrial tapes are used for bonding, protecting, masking, enhancing, bundling, shielding, damping, splicing, reinforcing, color coding, joining and holding in addition to many other applications. See below for our available types of industrial tapes.

Our inventory of packaging tapes, single-coated tapes, double-coated tapes, pressure-sensitive adhesives and adhesive transfer tapes can be die-cut to your specifications. We also fabricate customized tape combinations.

Packaging Tapes

  • Filament Low Tensile
  • Filament Medium Tensile
  • Filament Tape
  • Filament Paper Back
  • Carton Seal Polypropylene
  • Carton Seal H/D Polypropylene
  • Carton Seal PVC
  • Carton Seal Polyester
  • Cellophane
  • Strapping Tape
  • Clear Label Tape
  • Carton Seal Polypropylene/Colo
  • Carton Seal PVC/Colors
  • Polyester/Colors
  • Masking/Colors
  • Printed Film Tapes
  • Flatback Printable/Colors
  • Pouch Tape
  • Tear Strip Tape
  • Gummed Paper Tape
  • Gummed Reinf – Standard
  • Gummed Reinf – H/D
  • Gummed Reinf – X-H/D
  • Corrugaters Tape
  • Masking General Purpose

Specialty Tapes

  • Pipe Thread Sealant
  • Specialty Tapes
  • Nylon Film Tape
  • Elec Polyester Film
  • Elec Kapton
  • Elec Glass Cloth
  • Elec Cotton Cloth
  • Elec Acetate Taffeta
  • Elec Teflon
  • Elec Foil & Glass Cloth
  • Elec Copper Foil
  • Elec Nomex
  • Elec Paper
  • Elec Circuit Board Tape
  • Elec Conductive Non-Woven
  • Elec Teflon/Glass Cloth
  • Teflon Coated Fabric – No Adh.
  • Plasma Spray
  • Electroplating Tape
  • UHMW Plastic Film
  • Riveters Tape
  • Bumpons
  • Hook & Loop/Dual Lock
  • Fiberglas Yarn
  • Laminate Polyester
  • Laminate Polypropylene
  • Laminate Matte

Single Coated Tapes

  • Cloth Utility Grade
  • Cloth Economy Grade
  • Cloth Industrial Grade
  • Cloth Premium Grade
  • Cloth Economy Grade/Colors
  • Cloth Premium Grade/Colors

Double-Coated Tapes

  • Double Coated Cloth
  • Double Coated Paper
  • Double Coated Tissue
  • Double Coated UPVC
  • Double Coated Splicing

Adhesive Transfer Tapes

  • Thinner (0.5 -10 mil)
  • More conformable
  • More difficult dispense
  • No level-winding
  • Higher temp resistance
  • “Permanent”
  • Doesn’t reinforce substrate

Dispensers, Equipment and Parts

  • Tape Dispensers
  • Dispenser Parts
  • Tape Machines

Evans Evco is your trusted resource of industrial adhesive tapes.

Our passion for problem solving and innovative solutions will boost your project to the next level. Whether you need a custom-sized roll or you’re ready to start production on custom die-cut pieces, you’ve found the experts that can get it done!

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