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Evans Evco: Versatility in an ever-changing marketplace

As a US-based ISO9001-certified facility with nearly a century of experience, what truly sets us head and shoulders above other converters is our expertise and ability to adapt to any situation — and that starts with quality solutions. Whether you know exactly what you need, or you haven’t solidified a prototype, Evans Evco can assist you every step of the way.

In the light industrial space, we offer a wide range of converting and fabricating capabilities, an extensive selection of premium pressure-sensitive tapes, and commercial packaging products. Most importantly, we understand the ever-changing nature of the industry — with low minimums and order flexibility being two of our top commitments to you.

Evans Evco is a one-stop source for your light industrial needs — take a look at our full capabilities below to see how we can make a difference for you.

Industrial Applications

There are a number of uses and applications that call for adhesives in the light industrial space. We are proud to carry an extensive line of quality adhesives that can be used in a few different applications such as:

Bonding and joining

Industrial-grade adhesives allow for the temporary bonding of components during larger assembly, or can provide secure adhesion between lightweight materials such as plastics.


When a fast seal is needed, adhesives can step up to the plate. Whether it be a gap in parts or to secure equipment connections, industrial tapes can provide the necessary protection.


Where you can find boxes and packages, you can find quality adhesives. Industrial adhesives can provide a secure hold to products in transit, ensuring a safe delivery no matter the contents.

Industrial Capabilities

Our in-house team and comprehensive inventory can provide a number of capabilities for your operations. Some of these capabilities include:



Evans Evco can work with you from the start to find your perfect solution. We can prototype tape configurations to aid in establishing part and process specifications.


All of our products are available for die-cutting, meaning we can find the best solution for your needs, even if that solution is entirely custom.
Custom Labeling and Packaging

Custom Labeling and Packaging

Evans Evco can be with you from prototyping to packaging, as we can also provide custom labeling and packaging services.

Products / Materials

Light industrial is a diverse market with diverse material requirements — and Evans Evco can be your ally and advisor in the ever-changing light industrial space.

We supply a full range of quality pressure-sensitive tapes and commercial packaging products to suit any conceivable need. Furthermore, we do not require large minimums, meaning we can handle your application no matter the size or complexity.

Below are just a few of the products we offer that are relevant to the light industrial space. For a full list of available materials, visit our product overview page via the link below.

  • Single-coated tapes
  • Double-coated tapes
  • Adhesive transfer tapes
  • Over-laminating tapes
  • Palletizing products
  • Cartons and containers
  • Cushioning and protection

When you work with Evans Evco, you don’t work with a converter — you work with a partner.

After nearly a century in business, we have refined our ability to present multiple solutions for any problem or application no matter the size. This means our experts can guide you to the perfect light industrial solution whether that be an on-the-job application or shipping and packaging needs.
In addition to our expensive inventory, we also offer die-cutting, slitting and rewinding, laminating, custom labeling, and custom packaging services so we can be with you every step from prototype to packaging.

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