Gasketing and sealing are critical processes used in a number of industries to prevent leaks and contamination from compromising products, systems or machinery. Found in appliances, electronics, heavy machinery and more, the right gasket or seal can mean the difference between success and failure.

At Evans EVCO, we understand just how important the right gasketing or sealing solution can be. With nearly a century of experience, we specialize in providing the products businesses need to seal their application in the most effective manner. We can supply a number of high-quality tapes such as single-coated or double-coated cell urethane, vinyl, acrylic and neoprene foam to fit your application perfectly.

But partnering with Evans EVCO doesn’t simply mean access to high-quality materials — it means gaining a partner in the converting business. Our dedicated staff are experts at coming up with a number of solutions for your application, no matter how big or small. So, if you’re ready to gain a gasketing and sealing partner that you can trust and rely on, contact Evans EVCO today.

Why use gasketing and sealing?


Gasketing and foam sealants can provide a layer of cushioning to protect the integrity of the product, system or application. This is useful in situations where vibration or external pressure are possibilities.

Prevent leaks or contaminants

Gaskets and sealants act as a barrier between two substrates. This can prevent contaminants such as fluids, dust and moisture to enter, and also keeps any fluids or other internal substances from leaking.

Improved operations

Overall, these materials can lead to greater systems efficiency and improved operations. For example, we supply a foam tape to a manufacturer of cultured marble bathroom fixtures which is used to seal a mold until a semi-liquid component has the opportunity to cure and solidify.

Gasketing and sealing applications



To prevent leaks and ensure proper performance of the engine, transmission and other components, gaskets and sealants are often used for automotive purposes. Examples include head gaskets, oil seals and valve gaskets.



The electronics industry relies on gaskets and sealing for two main reasons: to combat pressure and maintain the integrity of the product, and keep out contaminants such as dirt and moisture.



Industrial systems can face pressure, external contamination, and the need to keep internal fluids and components sealed. Gasketing and sealing are the perfect fits.

Gasketing and sealing industries served

Gasketing and sealing materials

This easy-applicable material offers excellent sealing properties for a number of substrates.

Vinyl tape offers multiple resistances such as moisture and UV, providing a reliable seal even in demanding conditions.

With an even greater resistance to external factors and temperature demands, acrylic tape can provide long-lasting gasketing and sealing in the harshest environments.

In addition to multiple resistances and sealing properties, neoprene foam tape has excellent vibration-dampening properties, making it a good choice when pressure resistance is a requirement.

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