Custom Lamination

Laminating is the ultimate in customization. We assemble your chosen adhesive tape, foil, film and foam to create a completely unique product that caters to your application. Our experts will help you select the best materials, and then we die-cut it to precision. With our extensive knowledge in materials and manufacturing, our process is efficient and cost-effective.

Why use custom lamination

Your application calls for specific properties. But you don’t need to compromise with an almost-but-not-quite off-the-shelf product. Lamination is an effective but cost-effective route to achieve the results you need to achieve. With custom lamination, you can use the exact adhesives, foams, films and foils that get the job done–die-cut to your exact dimensions.

Plan your project with our MSI calculator

Estimate your material needs and costs with the help of our MSI calculator. It converts your material dimensions into a single standard measurement, so you can compare costs and plan your custom laminated product. Try our MSI calculator

Our capabilities in custom laminating

  • Cold laminating
  • Heated laminating
  • Single-layer laminating
  • Multi-layer laminating

Benefits of custom lamination

  • Enhance durability: Achieve a longer lifespan and level up performance.
  • Improve functionality: Add properties like UV protection, moisture resistance.
  • Branding opportunities: Differentiate your product or offering with graphic design.
  • Superior customization: Achieve the exact properties your applications require.
  • Cost effective: Our experts will use your materials efficiently and strive to minimize waste. 

Common uses for custom lamination

For industries including aerospace, automotive and food packaging, the possibilities created by custom lamination are virtually unlimited.

  • Sound and vibration damping
  • Surface protection
  • Insulation
  • Weather proofing
  • Tamper-evident seals
  • Instructional or warning labels
  • Heat management
  • Product assembly
  • Packaging solutions