E-Commerce Shipping

When customers click to order, this is your opportunity to build your e-commerce brand.

Elevate the buyer’s experience and bolster operational efficiency with our complete lineup of e-commerce shipping and packaging solutions. Our applications cover case sealing, return shipping products, package padding, and more, while our product experts are here to help you build your e-commerce shipping and fulfillment system.

Adhesives and Packaging Applications

Our shipping solutions can bolster your brand experience in just about any area of e-commerce. Choose from a broad product lineup with customizable options to improve the shipping process, including packing, stacking, unboxing and returns.

Packing and Packaging

Packing and Packaging

Fulfill orders with higher efficiency with a lineup of packaging solutions suited for just about any product.

  • Easy close and self-sealing
  • Low-cost, right-size and return shipping solutions
  • Carton sealing equipment, dispensers and supplies


Increase customer satisfaction by ensuring fragile shipments arrive unbroken and intact. Our cushioning and palletizing solutions provide top protection, both inside and outside of the box.

  • Palletizing
  • Product protection and cushioning
  • Tamper evidence adhesive


Achieve your brand vision with an enhanced unboxing experience. With our specialty cartons, packaging materials and custom labels, receiving a package by mail has never been more exciting.

  • Specialty cartons and boxes
  • Packing materials
  • Custom printed adhesive

E-Commerce Pack and Ship Capabilities

What are some of the capabilities you can achieve in e-commerce packing and shipping? Our team has the technical experience to help you choose the materials that will perform and endure even in the most challenging shipping environments.

When it comes to sealing, storage or shipping in high heat or frigid environments, it calls for an adhesive that can keep the carton closed and contained. Whether your package is destined for a desert climate at the peak of summer, or your product calls for cold storage at subzero temperatures, we can identify a carton sealing adhesive that will perform in the extreme temperatures.

High tensile tapes that resist punctures, stretching and breaking provide a ruggedized packaging solution for sealing heavy and bulky packages, along with options that are strong enough to strap and secure cartons on a pallet.

The challenging part of e-commerce is the fact that a critical aspect of the customer experience — safe package handling — is out of your control. Our solutions can help you achieve greater protection against falls, collisions and vibration that can put your product’s condition in peril during shipping and handling. We can recommend foams and air cellular cushioning that are designed to absorb shock and vibration.

Achieving better protection against weather is a must in e-commerce, particularly when the parcel containing your order is waiting outside the customer’s front door. Our mailers and adhesives will protect the contents against wet weather.

Your resource for e-commerce shipping

Expand your reach with our e-commerce packaging solutions that protect your products, streamline operations and grow your business.

Packaging Tape Supplies

Choose from our wide selection of quality packaging tape and supplies for sealing and labeling primary packaging, secondary packaging, cartons, shipping bags, containers and so much more.

Protective Packaging for Shipping

We carry a full line of protective packaging that cushions and holds products in their package or container, protecting against forces from collisions, falls and vibration. Our solutions include Korrvu retention and suspension packaging, custom foam molding systems, inflatable air pillows or cushioning systems and paper void fill and cushioning systems.

Shipping Bags & Films

Flat, rugged mailers provide flexible shipping options at a fraction of the cost of corrugate, perfect for shipping small products, textiles and parts.

Case Sealing Solutions

Improve throughput and keep products securely contained with everything you need to automate and streamline case sealing. Tape and hot glue options are available.

Palletizing & Bundling Supplies

All the palletizing and bundling supplies you need to secure and hold bulk shipments, keeping them from shifting and falling during transport. Build your pallet with filament tape, strapping tape, stretch wrap and sisal twine.

Shipping Cartons & Containers

Our full line of secondary packaging and shipping containers for retail, e-commerce and more.

Evans EVCO has all the supplies and knowledge under one roof to delight your customers.

Building a strong brand depends on the satisfaction of your customers, one order at a time. That’s why prompt delivery and damage free delivery are goals every e-commerce business strives to achieve.

We offer a complete inventory of products and solutions from trusted brands to completely outfit and stock your e-commerce shipping system.

You can also rely on our in-house expert guidance on the best materials and adhesives to achieve the performance you’re looking for, from stacked pallets to sending small parts in a mailer.

Set up a meeting today. We look forward to showing you how your e-commerce business can reach faster fulfillment and better protection.

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