Assembly and Joining Solutions with Industrial Tape

Adhesive tapes offer limitless possibilities for assembly and joining applications.

The right adhesive tape can hold together components as reliably as screws, rivets and epoxies. Using tape in place of these other solutions enhances production efficiency. Better yet, it provides freedom to pursue innovations in design.


For decades, 3M adhesive tapes have been relied on by multiple industries to hold together their products — even in the most challenging conditions.
• VHB tapes are extolled for their long-lasting bonds that keep panels secure with their frames and keep electronic displays locked in place.
• Adhesive transfer tapes make it possible to create highly customized gaskets. To meet the unique bonding requirements of each substrate, you can apply a different adhesive to either side of the foam rubber material.
• Certain tape adhesives are engineered to maintain bond performance in the most challenging conditions, helping to protect inner components from climate ingress and other hazards.


In addition to our tape’s performance qualities, it’s also used to enhance production efficiency. Its peel-and-stick application and strength keep the line moving.


Using tape for joining and assembly also enhances product design. With the tape’s low profile, you can achieve a sleek, unified appearance that appeals to customers and end users.

Evans EVCO: Your complete solution

Get a personalized adhesive tape solution for your project. With our inventory of high-quality tapes, preferred partnerships with top brands and industry-leading capabilities, you’ll find everything needed to design and fabricate your adhesive tape solution.

Unlock the Benefits of Adhesive Tapes for Assembly and Joining

Adhesive tapes provide multiple advantages for assembly and joining.

Streamlines design

High-strength adhesives can take the place of bulky rivets and fasteners to achieve a sleek, modern appearance. Clean lines, seamless connections and slimmer profile are attainable aesthetics thanks to adhesive tape to assemble and connect parts.

Enhances production efficiencies

Adhesive tape solutions can immediately accelerate throughput on the production floor. Strips of foam tape and adhesive-backed gaskets offer a labor-saving peel-and-stick assembly option — a process that’s indisputably faster and less intensive than drilling, riveting, welding or gluing. As many adhesive tapes reach full handling strength shortly after application, you can keep the line moving.


A double-sided foam tape can perform multiple functions, including:
  • sealing
  • structural support
  • gap filling
  • noise and vibration reduction

Assembly and joining applications

  • Electronic displays
  • Nameplate and logo application
  • Structural components such as stiffener to panel  and panel to frame
  • Trim and other attachments
  • Weather-stripping
  • NVH (noise, vibration and harshness) reduction
  • Air and fluid management systems

Assembly and joining materials

3M™ VHB™

Designed to take the place of rivets and screws, VHB tape forms a secure bond between dissimilar materials for the most demanding applications in a cross section of industries. The exceptional durability of VHB tape withstands harsh climate conditions, including UV, moisture and temperature fluctuations. The foam core also provides cushioning and sound dampening. This product bonds immediately upon contact — a bond that increases in strength over time.

Adhesive transfer tapes

This pressure-sensitive adhesive provides a thin bonding solution for a wide range of designs and applications. The adhesive is coated on a release liner — protected by a second liner for easily handling — and applies with light pressure to a chosen surface. It conforms to uneven surfaces with a fast-acting bond. Because adhesive transfer tapes come in a range of chemistries and bonding strengths, they can provide limitless options for creating double-coated tapes and other customized products.

Double-coated tapes

For joining and assembling dissimilar substrates, a customized double-coated tape provides an expedient solution. Evans EVCO can apply two different adhesives — each with the bonding properties suited to each substrate — to a carrier or foam. Double-sided tape can then be cut into strips and custom shapes. To ensure fail-safe assembly, Evans EVCO provides industry-leading packaging and clear labeling as a value add.

Full-service custom converted tape for assembly and joining

Access our full range of services of custom converted pressure-sensitive tapes and other flexible materials. Our expertise in everything relating to tape assures you’ll find a comprehensive solution for your specific application. From material selection to fabrication to packaging, Evans EVCO has everything needed to create the optimal solution for your needs.

Material selection

Material selection

Evan EVCO’s experts are equipped with the technical acumen and product knowledge to identify the most effective pressure-sensitive adhesive solution for the application. We draw from our decades of experience and technical resources to select the exact product and solution that delivers the best performance.


We meet your most stringent requirements while protecting your costs through our expert fabrication capabilities. We have decades of experience producing top-quality custom tape solutions for bonding and assembly, with a focus on optimizing material to keep waste minimal.


Packaging is a longtime specialty of Evans EVCO. That’s where we enhance our value to you. We expertly pack each shipment of your die-cut tape to preserve quality so your joining and assembly solution arrives with no crushed edges or damaged liners. We also offer additional packing and labeling solutions to ensure fail-safe assembly.

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