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From gasketing to sealing: Matching the right adhesive tape to the application

When selecting a pressure-sensitive adhesive for material bonding, the initial step involves understanding the specific requirements necessary for the desired assembly type, to achieve the required performance level for the application. To provide guidance, we will outline the four most common assembly types — gasketing, mounting and trim attachment, panel-to-frame and sealing — that utilize pressure-sensitive adhesive tape for bonding and sealing. We will also discuss their respective industries, applications and the key requirements for their usage.

Once you narrowed your search to the adhesive family best suited for your application, rely on our experts. Our technical expertise through our Preferred Partnership with 3M equips us to identify the exact product that delivers optimal performance for the task.

To bring your product to completion, we are also fully equipped to mass fabricate your chosen tape and other materials into custom strips or die-cut parts — packed and shipped to your location for quick and effortless assembly.


Gaskets typically consist of foam or rubber and serve the purpose of joining two parts. Certain gaskets require a bonding solution to permanently secure the material to the surfaces or to effectively seal out water and dust. These components can be found in nearly every industry, particularly electronics, transportation, fluid handling and appliances.

Requirements for gasket adhesives:

• Resistance to environmental factors, including dust, humidity, chemicals, moisture and UV.

• High adhesion to foam, rubber and difficult-to-bond surfaces.

• Fast and easy application and assembly.

• High peel strength to support the flexible function of gasket material.

Top solutions

• 3M VHB Tape: Constructed from closed-cell foam, it can be die-cut into custom shapes to create an all-in-one adhesive-backed gasket that effectively seals out water.

• 3M Adhesive Transfer Tapes and 3M Double-Coated Tapes: Can be pre-applied to foam or other gasketing material before die cutting, providing instant adhesion.

Mounting and trim attachment

The appropriate adhesive tape solution can be die-cut to attach smaller components, such as nameplates, mirrors or edging, to a larger surface in place of bulky fasteners. Common industries that utilize mounting and trim attachment include transportation, appliances and construction.

Requirements for mounting and trim adhesives:

• Bond strength capable of supporting a dead weight load.

• Quick bonding without the requirement of fixtures or fasteners.

• Ability to reposition during application.

• Rapid bond strength development.

• Ability to remove for rework and replacement after curing.

Top solutions:

• 3M VHB Tape: An extremely strong adhesive that can replace rivets and screws, securely holding components in place.

• 3M Adhesive Transfer Tape: Can be laminated onto a surface or pre-applied to trim, with special formulations available for LSE plastic.

• 3M Double Coated Tapes: Can be laminated onto a surface or pre-applied to trim, with special formulations available for LSE plastic.


This refers to the application of a decorative or load-bearing panel to a rigid frame for support. While commonly used in construction and automotive industries, panel-to-frame assembly is also employed in machinery, electronics and appliances.

Requirements for panel-to-frame adhesives:

• Sufficient dead load holding strength: In vertical panel-to-frame construction, the bond bears the weight of the panel through gravity, resulting in shear stress. To mitigate these forces, an adhesive with long lineal length is required for adequate load dispersal.

• Ability to withstand changing conditions, including shifts in dynamic loads or thermal expansion.

• Gap-filling capability or the ability to accommodate variations in fit from end to end.

• Water-tight sealing to protect internal components.

Top solution:

• 3M™ VHB™ Tape: An alternative to screws, rivets, welds and other fasteners. It provides instant strength and possesses viscoelastic properties that accommodate thermal expansion and contraction. This tape is best suited for flat-to-flat applications.


When employing adhesive tape as a seal, the primary objective is to prevent the ingress or egress of fluids, dust and other elements through a seam. These applications are commonly found in industries where units are exposed to outdoor elements or contain high-value components that require protection. Sealing solutions are frequently utilized across various industries, particularly automotive and transportation, metalworking, electronics and construction.

Requirements for sealing adhesives:

• Flexibility.

• Easy application, allowing bonding and sealing in a single step.

• Achieves bonding strength that allows painting or part handling.

• Removability for rework.

Top solution

3M Extreme Sealing Tape: Provides instant sealing and conforms over rivets.

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