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The advantages of self-wound film overlaminates

(BPT) – Self-wound film overlaminates are a type of clear, linerless film that is used to enhance and protect a substrate. Applied just before die cutting, this versatile product utilizes a pressure-sensitive adhesive to increase durability, and improve the look and functionality of the printed material.

Trusted by a number of industries, overlaminates come in a variety of thicknesses and face stocks to suit either short-term outdoor applications, or indoor label and tag applications. In this article, we will detail some of the prominent advantages of self-wound film overlaminates, and how they can make a difference in your operations.


Before we detail a few of the advantages of overlaminates, we’ll cover a few of the most common applications:

  • Signage: Overlaminates can also be used for signage. Whether it be posters, banners or other marketing materials, these films can protect the substrate from environmental damage and add visual appeal.
  • Food packaging: With food packaging, overlaminates can protect the product label printing from external factors such as moisture, abrasion, and dirt, and can be FDA-approved to provide protection without contamination.

Advantage 1: Durability

The first, and typically most thought of, advantage of self-wound film overlaminates is the durability that it can bring to printed materials. Overlaminates act as a barrier between the surface of the material and the outside environment, adding protection against scratches, scuffs and other damage that may be present in the application.

For example, a label on a bottle of vitamins may use self-wound film overlaminates, and in this case, the film will protect the vitamin label from damage that the bottle may face during production, shipping and transport of the product. People may think that this type of shipping and handling scenario is where these overlaminates really shine, but they also offer protection against external environments and applications. Withstanding abrasion, chemicals and UV light, overlaminates are also a smart choice for external product labels, outdoor signage and other external applications.

Overall, businesses can use overlaminates to ensure that their application maintains integrity throughout its expected lifespan.

Advantage 2: Improved look and functionality

Another advantage of self-wound film overlaminates is the improved functionality and visual look that they can bring to a product or application. These films are available in various finishes and thicknesses, meaning they can be customized to complement the intended product appearance whether that calls for clarity, gloss, vibrant colors or anything in between. This is especially useful in situations such as marketing materials in which visual appeal is paramount.

Additionally, overlaminates can add functionality to an application such as a product label. Features such as thermal transfer printable surfaces, foil stamping, release surfaces for foldout labels, and more can all be achieved through the customizability of this material.

Advantage 3: Versatility

The third advantage on our list is the versatility that self-wound film overlaminates provide. These films can be applied to a wide range of prints such as digital and screen prints, while also being compatible with multiple substrates including paper, vinyl and synthetic materials. This gives businesses flexibility in establishing solutions for their given application.

Furthermore, overlaminates can be die-cut to fit pre-determined shapes and dimensions, making them a practical and versatile solution for businesses across industries and applications.

Evans EVCO can provide self-wound film overlaminate solutions

Self-wound film overlaminates are a flexible material that can protect the substrate against external factors, add improved visual appeal and functionality, and provide a level of versatility that makes it suitable for a multitude of industries and applications.

At Evans EVCO, we offer the highest-quality overlaminates on the market. Coming in various thicknesses and face stocks to suit either short-term outdoor applications or indoor label and tag applications, our inventory and wealth of industry experience can ensure you find the perfect product for your application.

Contact us today to speak with one of our experts that can help you find your perfect overlaminate solution.

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