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The benefits of custom die cut tapes in aerospace manufacturing

Die cutting is a process that has emerged from humble beginnings into a lifeblood for a multitude of industries and applications, and one of this technique’s many uses is with tapes. By pre-cutting durable tapes into specific shapes and sizes, companies can cut down on production and labor costs while also using materials that fit rigorous industry-specific needs.

In this article, we will go over a few of the benefits of custom die-cut tapes that are specific to aerospace manufacturing. From versatility to cost-effectiveness, you’ll see why die cutting is perfect for the aerospace industry — and how Evans EVCO can be the partner to help you reach your goals.

Improved operational efficiency

A main benefit of utilizing custom die-cut tapes in aerospace is that it can improve operational efficiency, and this manifests in two ways: cost-effectiveness and improved productivity.

Die-cut tapes are precisely manufactured to fit their application perfectly. This means that a company will not have to worry about product waste when ordering material, or otherwise ordering too much — the consumer gets just as much product as is necessary for the given job. The result of this, of course, is that material costs never exceed estimations.

Furthermore, die cutting proves to be advantageous for operational efficiency because it can improve the productivity of a company’s workers. Because these tapes arrive to exact dimensions, time spent cutting or altering tapes to fit the application is a thing of the past. A perfect measurement is made every time, leaving employees only having to worry about correct installation — which in itself is made easier in a product with pre-determined measurements.

Enhanced safety

When a company orders die-cut tapes, they are able to choose from the best adhesives on the market.

At Evans EVCO, for example, we supply a number of industrial tapes from some of the best manufacturers on the market, such as 3M. When an aerospace company partners with a reliable converter, they gain access to the most sophisticated adhesives on the market which can withstand any application.

Additionally, safety comes into play again when thinking about the very nature of a die-cut product. As we touched on above, die-cut tapes arrive to the consumer in the perfect shape for the application. This greatly reduces any employee errors that may arise in the installation process, ensuring that products and processes stay up to code.


Finally, versatility is a valuable benefit when ordering die-cut tapes for aerospace applications.

Because die cutting can be used to alter any form of industrial tape, the possibilities and applications are endless. Any available tape can be cut in nearly any conceivable shape to provide a wide range of versatility. Do you need a high-tack solution that is cut in a circular shape? No problem. Or, maybe you need a low-tack product that needs to be an exact dimension, such as the measurements of an airplane window — that’s not an issue either.

Not only can the shape be altered, but the look of the material can be decided upon as well. Tapes can be manufactured to match the color and texture of the specific substrate to create a seamless and uniform appearance when that is a priority.

Evans EVCO can be your partner in aerospace

As we’ve seen, the benefits of die-cut tapes in aerospace manufacturing are simply too important and useful to be ignored.

With the power and versatility of die cutting, you can acquire tapes that improve the operational efficiency of your organization, and provide enhanced safety and reliability — all while affording a level of customizability that is sure to make a difference in any aerospace application.

If you’re ready to gain a valuable partner for your die-cutting and adhesive needs, contact us today at Evans EVCO.

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