Extra protection and precision fit for your automotive surface protective film

(BPT) - Protective film and masking material solve many issues in the automotive space. Automotive parts are susceptible to damage in transport as well as installation and assembly, which would certainly put a dent in your profit margins.The protective film offers a temporary surface barrier to prevent chips, scratches and scuffs from appearing on your automotive part, whether it's made from glass, plastic, fiberglass or metal. When the right adhesive is chosen for the job, it peels right off wi (...)Read More

The Industrial Tape Kansas City Businesses Rely Upon

It is a proven fact that the industrial tape Kansas City businesses rely upon can make a big difference in overall productivity and even profitability. For example, industrial tape comes in many varieties, many types and many versions. That is why it is so important to choose carefully when it comes to a manufacturer or distributor of this type of product. Accepting second best in this regard will simply not do - to maintain an operation at peak performance at all times demands quality. The (...)Read More

Trust Single Blade Cutting for Excellent Results

From industrial adhesives to tapes and packaging products as well as many of the unique and innovative products designed to improve efficiency for businesses large and small alike, cutting also plays an important role in modern retail, manufacturing and industry. For example, single blade cutting can produce outstanding results for businesses when it comes to non-adhesive as well as adhesive coated materials that require proper sizing and cutting in an efficient and reliable way. Single blade cu (...)Read More

The Fabricating Capabilities Kansas City Businesses Get Excited About

From die cutting to laminating and foam converting as well as vibration and sound control along with sealing and identification, having access to professional grade services is absolutely essential. This is equally as true when talking about fabricating capabilities Kansas City businesses can get excited about. From electronic devices to distribution fulfillment and graphic arts as well as the automotive industry and the aerospace industry and even light industrial manufacturing, one company has (...)Read More