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Trust Single Blade Cutting for Excellent Results

From industrial adhesives to tapes and packaging products as well as many of the unique and innovative products designed to improve efficiency for businesses large and small alike, cutting also plays an important role in modern retail, manufacturing and industry. For example, single blade cutting can produce outstanding results for businesses when it comes to non-adhesive as well as adhesive coated materials that require proper sizing and cutting in an efficient and reliable way. Single blade cutting is known for its ability to effectively slice pre-wound log roles of materials to predefined widths with excellent accuracy.

Providing The Best Products and Services for Industry and Manufacturing

With a cutting tolerance of .003” and a maximum role diameter of 18.0”, the possibilities are virtually endless. While there are many companies that offer single blade cutting that produces outstanding results, only one company has truly continued to excel in terms of providing the best products and services for industry and manufacturing at highly competitive pricing.  Evans Evco is a source for a host of tapes and adhesive products that serve the automobile industry, the aerospace industry as well as the medical industry and many other important industries in our economy. Serving the automobile industry since the 1930s, the company is a premier packaging supply company that gets results.

Structural Adhesives and Laminate Polyester Related Products

With friendly customer service representatives on staff and experienced and knowledgeable technicians always standing by and ready to help, few other companies can compare when it comes to providing packaging related products and support that are second to none. Single blade cutting is just one more example of all that the company makes possible. Whether it is hot metal or spray adhesives as well as structural adhesives and laminate polyester related products along with shipping protection equipment and products, no other company comes close. To learn more simply visit online or call today.

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