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Extra protection and precision fit for your automotive surface protective film

(BPT) – Protective film and masking material solve many issues in the automotive space. Automotive parts are susceptible to damage in transport as well as installation and assembly, which would certainly put a dent in your profit margins.

The protective film offers a temporary surface barrier to prevent chips, scratches and scuffs from appearing on your automotive part, whether it’s made from glass, plastic, fiberglass or metal. When the right adhesive is chosen for the job, it peels right off without leaving behind a sticky residue or lifting off the paint, so it keeps that new, buffed appearance that customers look for.

Why work with a custom converter?

Though protective film solves one problem, there’s the thorny issue of integrating this extra part into your assembly process. Some manufacturers of automotive parts might cut sheets of masking material and film in-house before applying them to the surface.

But this plan has many flaws. Unless your operation has the machinery, skilled labor and in-house expertise to identify the best flexible material for the job, custom cutting protective film is not a practical endeavor to take on in-house.

A custom converter partner can die-cut these protective films, and even set up a kitting and assembly system for ease of use. In the long run, a custom converter can improve the quality of your project and your manufacturing process.

Finding the best temporary surface protection for automotive parts

Protective film and masking have many applications in the automotive industry. It can protect the clear coat on the body, shield against dust and debris and protect against nicks and scratches. Here’s how a custom converter can take your shielding needs to the next level.

Choose the right material

Before the design of your custom-cut shield for automotive parts is final, a custom converter can bring their technical expertise. They can ensure the chosen material is right for the conditions, so it will offer the protection you need and expect. At the same time, you’ll need the right strength of adhesive that will keep your shield in place as long as you need it. For example, it should peel away easily when it’s time to discard it, without lifting paint or leaving behind a stubborn resin. 

Finalize the best format

One advantage of working with custom converters is they can die-cut or laser cut your chosen shielding material to a specific size, down to a hundredth of an inch. They can also consult with you on the best formats for your operation, whether your needs are for manual application or automated.  

  • Slitting into rolls: One size sheet for masking and temporary shielding. 
  • Precision-cut shapes: For high precision jobs, an experienced converter can place the adhesive-backed film and masking material on a liner and die-cut or laser cut the exact shape you need for your part.  

Assembly and kitting

It’s not enough to make a custom fabricated part. If the finished products are dumped in a container and shipped off to your business, you’ll have another big job ahead of you. Because you’ll waste time sorting and organizing the loose pieces, this cancels out any efficiencies you gained from working with a converter. Also, loose pieces can get damaged in transit, affecting your inventory. If there’s more than one part that needs to be affixed to the automotive product, this can add to your headaches. 

A custom converter that offers kitting and assembly packaging is a service and value-add that many customers may overlook. 

Fabricating a protective shield for your automotive part can take some strategic planning and foresight. But in the long run, an experienced custom converter partner can provide an exact fit and help you keep things moving. 

Expertise you can trust 

Achieving complete protection without sacrificing efficiency goes well beyond identifying the right material for the surface and the job. Evans EVCO offers technical guidance and a deep bench of capabilities to your precision-cut part. And we also specialize in packaging, so we can create a custom kitting solution that allows fast, foolproof assembly upon arrival. 

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