Getting the Most out of Modern Industrial Tape

Industrial tape is used for a variety of applications, including sealing boxes and packaging, bundling items together, and protecting surfaces from damage. It is made from a variety of materials, including paper, plastic, and metal, and can be either adhesive or non-adhesive. Industrial type tape is available in a variety of widths and lengths to suit different needs.Available In a Variety of Widths and ThicknessesIndustrial adhesive tape is a type of adhesive product that is used in industrial (...)Read More

Epoxy Structural Adhesive Explained

Epoxy structural adhesives are a type of adhesive that is used to bond two pieces of material together. Epoxy adhesives are typically stronger than other types of products, making them ideal for use in applications where a strong bond is required. Epoxy related adhesives can be used on a variety of materials, including metals, plastics, and composites. A Versatile Material That Can Be Used in a Variety of ApplicationsThese adhesives are typically used in applications where a strong bond is (...)Read More

Discover The Advantages of Laminate Adhesive Tape

Laminate adhesive tape is a pressure-sensitive tape used for bonding laminate sheets together. It is made of a thin layer of plastic laminate bonded to a carrier backing with an adhesive. Laminate tape is available in different widths, thicknesses, and colors. The main advantage of this kind of adhesive tape is its high bond strength. This makes it ideal for applications where laminate sheets need to be bonded together securely, such as in the construction of laminated glass or laminated wood pr (...)Read More