The Packaging Supply Distributor Kansas City Can Get Excited About

The Packaging Supply Distributor Kansas City Can Get Excited AboutWhile there are many distributors and suppliers of packaging equipment and products, located throughout the region and across the country, only a handful of companies simply get it right when it comes to a packaging supply distributor Kansas City can get excited about. For example, Evans/Evco is a company with years of experience in the industry that is guaranteed to deliver quality and outstanding customer service on each and eve (...)Read More

Quality Fabricating Capabilities at Your Fingertips

Quality Fabricating Capabilities at Your Fingertips From the automobile industry to the aerospace industry and a wide range of other sectors of the economy, having access to quality fabricating capabilities is absolutely essential in today’s highly competitive markets. Fabricating is a unique and innovative approach to helping businesses maintain efficiency and improve bottom-line profitability. In addition, from custom converting and customizing existing material to meet the specific needs (...)Read More

Get The Best Laminate Polyester Tape

Get The Best Laminate Polyester TapeWhen it comes to laminate polyester tape, choosing to go with quality can make a big difference for organizations small and large alike. As a matter of fact, never underestimate the importance of high-quality tapes and adhesives for industrial and manufacturing related uses. Most people know that quality always shines through and this is equally as true when talking about products needed to maintain efficiency in the production and delivery phase of operations (...)Read More

Common chemistries and formats of adhesive transfer tape

(BPT) - When it comes time to design a converter for your industrial process or product, choosing the right format and adhesive type will have a big impact on performance and cost.As you begin the design process of your converter, use this guide to common adhesive transfer tape chemistries and their formats.Formatting adhesive transfer tapeAdhesive transfer tape comes in an unsupported format, meaning, it has no carrier. It’s also wound with a release liner, which stays in place until it’s time (...)Read More

Smart questions to ask before selecting an industrial adhesive tape

(BPT) - When it comes time to choose an industrial tape, there’s a lot of technical data to evaluate to make sure you’re choosing the right bonding strength that’s best suited for the job at the most cost-effective price. As you finalize the design of your project, the following can help you narrow which type of industrial adhesive tape is the best choice.How to choose the right industrial PSA tapeChoosing the right tape isn't a matter of trial and error. Having a familiarity of the technical qu (...)Read More

Surface prep for adhesive transfer tape: Your guide to achieving maximum surface contact

(BPT) - In the design stage, your team considered the properties of the adhesive to determine if it was the right kind for your project.While your choice of adhesive is critical, it’s equally important to make sure that a poorly prepared surface doesn’t thwart your project. In the end, layers of dirt, wax, grease and other contaminants can work against you. So will failure to consider low-energy surfaces that are difficult to bond. Any of these can diminish the performance of your chosen adhesiv (...)Read More