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In Accordance with AS9100 and ISO9001 International Standards, Evans Evco must ensure externally provided processes, products, and services conform to requirements and do not adversely affect our ability to consistently deliver conforming products and services to our customers. As a result, Evans Evco monitors external provider performance. If external providers fail to meet Evans Evco requirements for quality, delivery, terms and conditions (including those stated herein), Evans Evco personnel will resolve such issues using means appropriate to the nature and severity of problems encountered. Resolution may involve correction, corrective action, or disqualification of external provider from use, depending on the nature and severity of the issues.

  1. Purchase Orders (P.O.) submitted to external provider will identify the process, product, and service to be provided including the identification of relevant technical data (e.g. specifications, drawings, process requirements, and work instructions)
  2. Evans Evco will review associated documentation (i.e. acknowledgements) as a means of approval for:
    • Supplied products and services,
    • When applicable, methods, processes, and equipment used in processing products and services
    • The release of supplied products and services
  3. External Provider will use competent personnel to fulfill purchase orders and when required Evans Evco will provide qualification requirements for personnel.
  4. External Providers will interact with Evans Evco personnel in at least the following manner but not limited to the following:
    • Written communication: email correspondence, or verbal (business telephone)
    • When required (Evans Evco or External Provider Request) scheduled face-to-face meeting
  5. Evans Evco’s application to control and monitor performance includes:
    • On-Time Performance
    • Quality (meeting requirements) of delivered products and services
    • Accuracy of Supplied Documentation
    • Completion of Documentation Requirements (identified on P.O.)
  6. Evans Evco or our customer may require external provider to provide verification and validation activities. When required, these requirements will be specified on P.O.
    • Verification and validation activities may include actions by Evans Evco personnel, or our customer at external provider’s premises
  1. Evans Evco may require design and development control. When required, Evans Evco will choose external providers with this capability and communicate requirements through P.O. documentation.
  2. External Provider is responsible for meeting special requirements, critical items, or key characteristics identified by Evans Evco customer supplied documentation or P.O. communication.
  3. Where applicable, Evans Evco will require test, inspection, and verification (including production process verification) information. Requirements will be identified on P.O. when required.
  4. External Provider may be required to use statistical techniques for product acceptance. Related instructions for acceptance by Evans Evco will be indicated on the P.O.
  5. Evans Evco may require external providers to:
    • Implement a Quality Management System.
    • Use customer-designated or approved external providers, including process sources (e.g., special processes).
    • Notify Evans Evco of nonconforming processes, products, or services and obtain approval for their disposition.
    • Take Corrective Actions when Evans Evco or its’ customers flow down corrective action requirements, in cases when it is determined that the provider is responsible for the nonconformity. Actions may be documented using Evans Evco Correction Action Forms, Evans Evco’s customer’s forms, or provider forms, as appropriate. External Providers are required to respond to Corrective Action requests in a timely manner. Corrective Actions must demonstrate root cause analysis, action implementation, and verification of action effectiveness. When, or if actions prove ineffective, alternate actions may be requested or provider may be disqualified from further use.
    • Prevent the use of counterfeit parts.
    • Notify Evans Evco of changes in product and/or process, changes of supply chain, and changes of manufacturing facility location and obtain Evans Evco approval where required by Evans Evco customers.
    • Flow down to the supply chain applicable requirements including Evans Evco customer requirements.
    • When required, provide test specimens for design approval, inspection/verification, investigation, or auditing.
    • Retain all applicable records for a minimum retention period of 10 years or as communicated on Evans Evco P.O.
  6. External providers are required to provide right of access by Evans Evco, Evans Evco customers and regulatory authorities to the applicable areas of all facilities, at any level of the supply chain, involved in the order and to all applicable records.
  7. External Providers are responsible for ensuring personnel are aware of their individual contribution to product or service conformity, product safety, and the importance of ethical behavior.
  8. External Providers shall apply appropriate controls to their direct and sub-tier providers, to ensure that requirements are met.

The above terms and requirements pertain to each Evans Evco Purchase Order. Acknowledgement and acceptance of the above terms and requirements will be evidenced by external provider/supplier’s acceptance of Evans Evco Purchase Orders.

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