Solved by Evans EVCO Out-of-the-Box Approach to Shipping Delicate Instruments Realizes Significant Savings

The Client Manufacturer of gauges and instruments

The client is a manufacturer and supplier of pressure gauges, switches, flowmeters and valves that caters to a range of industries, including HVAC, chemical processing, food processing, oil and gas production as well as pollution control. They’re known for producing high-quality instruments and controls that OEMs rely upon for the safety and performance of their specialized equipment.

Challenge Gauges arrive damaged due to impact and jostling during shipping

The company was having significant issues with high mass gauges arriving damaged. The impact of jostling caused by loading and handling, along with the vibration from its mode of transportation meant these instruments and their sensitive components would arrive broken or structurally impaired. These were subsequently returned to the company, which then had to produce and ship replacements. The outcome was increased overall expenses in shipping and production.

Solution Suspending the need for standard cushioning

The instruments manufacturer turned to Evans EVCO for a solution. Finding a more rugged packing material or adding cushioning are the standard solutions to these issues. However, the real challenge lies in identifying a packaging system that is truly cost effective — one that delivers a marked reduction in overall costs. Evans EVCO has the resources and deep relationships with suppliers to do just that.

Following our analysis, our team identified the Korrvu small retention pack as the instrument company’s ideal solution for packaging and shipping gauges. Korrvu is designed to hold and suspend the product by using its specialized film and retention frame system. This isolates the product from potential impacts and vibration during shipping, ensuring even heavy instruments with delicate components stay in place. The hold and suspension create a different kind of cushioning effect by shielding the contents from the hazards of the road without the need for adding expensive foams and protective fillers.

RESULTS Lower overall expenses, higher satisfaction

After implementing the Korrvu system that Evans EVCO recommended, the instrument company realized significant savings and benefits that exceeded the investment into the materials. This unique packaging system was so impactful and effective, that more than a decade later, the instrument company continues to rely on it, sourcing it from Evans EVCO.

All-in-one packaging solutions from Evans EVCO

  • Cost savings from eliminating the expensive foam packaging materials, freeing up valuable real estate in the warehouse
  • Dramatic decrease in gauges arriving damaged
  • Reduction in reverse logistics, lowering overall shipping costs, administrative tasks and insurance claims
  • Reduced production costs from making and shipping replacements
  • Overall increase in customer satisfaction

Sometimes, the best solutions to your thorniest shipping issues require out-of-the-box thinking. That’s why since 1930, Evans EVCO is the go-to for innovative packaging solutions that protect your product and maximize your savings. Our expertise, longstanding relationships with best-in-class suppliers and our comprehensive inventory provide you with the ultimate packaging resource.

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