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Dispensers, Equipment & Parts

Industries for industrial adhesive tapes

Evans EVCO creates solutions with industrial adhesive tape for many industries.


  • Streamline design of accessories
  • Sealing against moisture, heat, cold and wind
  • Heat protection and/or grounding for electrical and battery components


  • Joining of highly engineered components
  • Ultrastrong bonding that endures in extreme temperatures


  • Assembly and kitting solutions for fast, foolproof assembly
  • Masking protection with clean release for painting, thermal spray, shipping and assembly


  • Thermal protection for battery and electronical components
  • Conductive adhesive for grounding and RFI/EMI shielding applications


  • Custom adhesive-backed gaskets for sealing, cushioning and insulating
  • Noise and vibration damping

Industrial tapes customized to your application

Industrial tape offers a multitude of solutions. It can improve the design and function of your new or existing product and simplify manufacturing and assembly.


Speed up and simplify assembly with custom die-cut tape. We can help identity and build a double sided tape solution that joins unlike materials, such as glass, metal, plastic and more. Whether you want to seal a device from the outside elements, or achieve a compact design, our inventory has multiple options.

  • Pressure sensitive tape
  • Double sided foam tapes
  • VHB adhesive tape


Simplify spray applications with die-cut masking tape to shield targeted areas from paint, thermal spray and other treatments. Our specialists can identify a clean-release adhesive tape that protects targeted surfaces from messy and contaminating overspray, eliminating the need for time-consuming rework.

  • Masking tape
  • Silicone coated fiberglass tape
  • Fiberglass tape
  • Aluminum tape


Strapping tape is designed to resist tearing, and the forces of stress and weight, making it an excellent choice for bundling, packaging and palletizing. Filament pressure sensitive tape is reinforced with fiberglass, and comes in different grades of strengths to meet your needs. First, calculate the tensile strength you need for the job.

  • Filament tape


Reinforce and protect electrical and battery components. Thermal protective tapes protect against flame and heat, with bonding strength and coverage that holds components in place.

  • Insulating electric tape
  • Conducting electrical tape
  • Busbar tape


Specially made industrial adhesive tapes are a cost-effective fix for annoying vibrations, rattles, squeaks and hums. Whether used with heavy equipment, automobiles, electronics and appliances, soundproofing industrial adhesives create a more pleasant environment at worksites and in the home.

  • 3M VHB
  • 3M Slick Surface Tape
  • 3M Vibration Damping Tape
  • 3M Bumpout Pads

Do you have other applications? Ask us! We’re here to help.

Why Evans EVCO?

Need a custom-fabricated part made with tape and flexible material for a new or existing product? Need help identifying the best adhesive for the job? Evans EVCO is the place to find answers for all your industrial adhesive tape needs.

  • 3M Preferred Partner
  • Robust inventory of industrial adhesive tapes
  • Extensive technical training and expertise on adhesive tapes and their properties
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Complete lineup of capabilities
  • Independently owned and operated so you can always count on fast, personalized service

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Evans EVCO is the place to find answers for all your industrial adhesive tape needs.

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