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The Choices in Industrial Tape Products Are Many

Today those in industry and manufacturing have more choices than ever before when it comes to industrial tape. As a matter of fact, this type of product is so diverse and so unique that it requires working with an experienced team of professionals that understand this constantly evolving product. Industrial tapes including everything from packaging tapes to single coated tape and double coated tape as well as other types of products continue to get better over the years becoming more efficient, more reliable and more affordable. That is why choosing carefully when it comes to the company that supplies you with these products is so important.

Double Coated Tapes

It is also important to know that industrial packaging tapes, for example, come in many varieties and styles. This can include everything from tensile filament tape to single coated tapes that are cloth in nature. In addition, double coated tapes can be made of either paper or cloth and even tissue. Adhesive transfer tape is another type of tape that is highly specialized and requires working with an experienced team in the industry that understands this style of adhesive product. Also, of note are a wide variety of specialty tapes including everything from pipe thread tape to nylon film tape and other custom products.

Genuine Value-Added

Industrial manufacturing businesses must choose carefully when it comes to a company to work with in order to source the many different types of industrial tape products on the market today. One company in particular that has consistently earned the trust of customers over the years is Evans Evco. This is an organization that has offered a genuine value-added adhesive solution for just about any type of industrial or manufacturing process imaginable for decades. In business since the 1930s, this is simply a company that you can trust. Offering a full line of commercial packaging products as well as adhesives and pressure sensitive materials, Evans Evco is your one-stop source for essential commercial packaging products.

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