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The Art of Adhesive Lamination: Let Evans EVCO Help You Achieve Your Goals

Adhesive lamination is a popular process used to join two surfaces or materials using an adhesive. It’s a reliable and cost-effective method of bonding and sealing that can be used for products in the industrial and consumer markets. Evans EVCO specializes in providing high quality, laminate adhesive tapes for a variety of applications.

High performance adhesives

Their extensive selection of laminate adhesives includes high performance acrylics, resilient rubber based adhesives and more—all tailored to meet customer’s specific needs. All their tapes are manufactured in accordance with stringent industry standards and undergo rigorous inspection prior to shipping out. No matter what type of lamination project you have, Evans EVCO can provide services from start to finish meeting your expectations every time.

Choose Evans EVCO for your laminate adhesive tape needs

Laminate adhesive tape is an excellent choice for many industries including automotive, electronics and printing—providing superior performance without compromising on quality or affordability. With Evans EVCO at your side, you can rest assured knowing you have access to experienced professionals who will ensure the highest level of accuracy no matter what type of project you have!

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