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Surface protective film 101: Protect products and parts at each stage of production

(BPT) – One of the challenges in business is finding cost-effective product protection solutions at every stage of development, from storage of raw materials to shipping the final product. Surface protection that prevents the occurrence of scrapes, scratches, nicks and dings on painted and finished surfaces is particularly important to reducing product waste and customer returns in a competitive marketplace.

Surface protective films are designed to provide different levels of protection against damage before it gets to the end user, preventing UV exposure during outdoor storage and damage during fabrication processes and assembly.

The materials experts at Evans EVCO can help you identify the right surface protection film along with the type of adhesive. From your chosen protective film, we can mass produce custom die-cut parts that match the exact dimensions of the surface.

Surface protective films are available in water-based, solvent-based or rubber-based adhesives, allowing for quick and easy application by hand. Films are easily removed by end users and consumers, leaving behind a blemish-free surface with none of the sticky or dulling adhesion transfer. To achieve cost-effective protection for your most challenging surfaces, explore how die-cut film can improve throughput, reduce expenses and minimize losses.

Temporary surface protective film: Top industries and applications

Protective film laminate is available in various widths and thicknesses to meet the unique needs of your industry and application.


Temporary protective film for cars preserves and protects surface quality each step of production, so parts, panels and accessories arrive looking brand new and showroom ready. Films can be die cut to fit the exact dimension of your part.

Top applications: Clear coat exteriors like hoods and roofs, emblems, door handles, mirrors, lights, steering wheels, instrument panels, dashboard displays, speakers and trims.


Temporary surface film protection for metal surfaces prevents scratches, abrasion, heat and UV rays during fabrication, storage, assembly and shipping.

Top applications: Aluminum, stainless steel, steel, pre-coated, painted surfaces, corrugated sheets, panels for roofing and siding.


Shields the appearance of your product during assembly, finishing and shipping by shielding against scratches and other damage.

Applications: LCD monitors, appliances, electronics.

Building and construction

Protective film for glass surfaces, countertops and windows keeps surfaces pristine and protected against damage during construction activity. Film can remain in place until final cleanup to minimize washing and polishing.

Applications: Laminates, windows, doors, glass, wood and marble.


Protects and preserves the surface finish in a variety of materials, including plastic, metal, wood, marble and ceramics. Protective fabrication films can be applied to the surface prior to cutting, punching and stamping to reduce material waste.

Applications: Door handles, stovetops, control panels, glass and more.

Need surface protection? Call Evans EVCO

Evans EVCO can help you get more done while saving time and money on production and shipping costs. We have decades of experience with laminate films and adhesives, while our preferred partnerships with top brands offer direct resources and competitive pricing. We’ll help you identify the laminate that best meets your surface protection needs. And then we’ll die cut to make it an exact match to your part. For top performance at the most cost-effective prices, Evans EVCO is here to help.

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