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Stick with Adhesive Transfer Tape for The Best Results

Tape products have evolved and advanced over the years resulting in some surprisingly amazing products that deliver impressive results. One example of this type of product is something known as adhesive transfer tape. It is a particular type of tape product that is well-suited for affixing signs in various capacities. For example, signs can be affixed to warehouse shelves or even pallets. In short, adhesive transfer tape has a wide range of applications that is suitable in both industry and manufacturing as well as even retail.

A Quality Dispenser Should Be Lightweight and Fast Loading

Worth noting is that with adhesive transfer tape it is best to use the right type of dispenser. When sourcing adhesive tape from a trusted name in the industry you can be sure that the most appropriate dispenser will be paired with the tape chosen. A quality dispenser should be lightweight and fast loading as well as easy to handle and manipulate. This makes workflow easy and convenient in even the most demanding warehouse environment. Adhesive transfer tapes are frequently used for heavy duty jobs as well as other lightweight projects.

Adhering Items to Uneven Surfaces

Simply stated, this type of tape is one of the best ways to attach lightweight items in virtually any kind of environment. Items can be attached to paper, plastic, wood or other similar materials. It is also well suited for adhering items to uneven surfaces along with signs and walls. With so many applications and so much versatility, transfer tape is the smart choice. While there are many companies throughout the country that offer this type of product, one company stands out as a leader in the industry. Evans/Evco is a one-stop shop for just about anything related to adhesives, tape, packaging and printing as well as die cutting. Contact the company today for more information.

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