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Quality Single Blade Cutting for Your Product

When working with heavy-duty industrial tapes, you need precision. All steps in the cutting phase of these types of adhesives and tapes must be under strict quality control protocols. Single blade cutting is the best type of application for these product needs. Used for both adhesive coated materials and non-adhesives, single blade cutting delivers the reliable cut you need. Single blade cutting involves the actual slicing of pre-wound log rolls of both adhesive and non-adhesive materials. This type of cutting is incredibly accurate and allows for the specification of exacting width requirements during the cutting process. Whether you need 1/16 inch cut widths or 58 inch cut widths and higher, or anything in between, the single blade cutting capability allows for it.¬† With impressive cutting tolerances of .003″, your product needs are sure to be met for both adhesive and non-adhesive materials. Single blade cutting allows for a wide range of variances in specifications, with core sizes from 1 to 3 inches and a maximum roll diameter of 18 inches. It is easy to see why single blade cutting is so valuable in the industry today. Years of experience in the industry allows¬†Evans Evco to provide the absolute best in a full range of packaging and tape products–including the cutting of adhesive and non-adhesive tape and materials as well as a host of other types of pressure sensitive materials in a very exacting way. Contact Evans Evco today to learn more about single blade cutting and many other unique products and services.

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