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Laminate Adhesive Tape For Industrial Applications

Today more than ever before a wide range of industries require a variety of different and unique tapes for custom applications. One type of tape in particular frequently used in today’s industry is something known as laminate adhesive tape. This type of tape is often required for applications where a kind of tape is needed that can be simply pressed or laminated adhesive side down onto a particular material or surface. Once this has been accomplished, the liner is then peeled away for a strong and reliable bond.

Laminate Adhesive Tape is an Excellent Product

Laminate adhesive tape and other similar tape products come in a variety of styles and types for many different modern applications. For example, this kind of tape can be a high tack product or even one that is used for high-temperature resistance type projects. Either way, laminate adhesive tape is an excellent product used in many different modern industrial applications. It is considered a high performance tape that can be used in various industrial joining type projects. Robust, rugged and long lasting, this is a tape that is designed to last. Evans EVCO is a trusted and reliable source for a host of unique industrial tapes, adhesives and packaging products.

Products Designed To Improve Productivity For Industry

From packaging tape to single coated tapes and adhesive transfer tapes as well as double coated tapes, the possibilities are endless when choosing to work with this true industry leader. Years of experience and a dedication and commitment to outstanding products as well as excellent customer service have allowed the company to exceed expectations on a yearly basis. The company offers a full array of specialty tapes and custom products designed to improve productivity for industry. In addition, Evans EVCO offers many different types of industrial cutting services including digital cutting, single blade cutting and rotary die cutting. Contact Evans EVCO today to learn more about the best in laminate adhesive tape products with a proven track record.

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