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Innovative Rotary Die Cutting With The Highest Quality Equipment

Die cutting is an innovative and custom process that is used to cut material using a special kind of tool that is built specifically for a rotary die cutting press or a flatbed press. When it comes to precision cutting, flatbed die cutting and rotary die cutting are an excellent way to cut through what is considered to be very thick material or material that comes in sheeted form. Keep in mind that rotary die cutting is typically intended for substantially higher output and a more efficient process overall.  

Rolled Material is Passed Through A Press  

In particular, rotary die cutting is most useful when cutting materials supplied in a roll form. Whether it is flatbed or rotary die cutting capabilities, one thing is sure and that is that choosing the right equipment for the job at hand can make all the difference. Note that rotary die cutting is simply a process where rolled material is passed through a press that incorporates a die station. At the point of intersecting the die station, there is a rotating cylinder type blade that effectively and cleanly cuts the material at hand. Most notably, the die is designed in such a way that it rotates in unison with the speed of the material that is being fed through the press.  

Precision When Cutting Even The Hardest Materials  

This helps to make certain that the blades cut at the exact length each and every time. In many instances this type of equipment makes use of servomotors that produce continuous registration of the material. This results in accurate tolerances and precision when cutting even the hardest materials. This type of high-tech equipment must be sourced from the right company to ensure that every job and every project is completed successfully. One company in particular that has a proven track record in this regard is Evans EVCO. Contact the company today to learn more about rotary die cutting equipment that gets results.

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