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Getting The Most From Hot Melt Adhesive Products

There are many effective adhesives on the market today. One type of adhesive which has grown increasingly in popularity is commonly known as a hot melt adhesive. This type of thermoplastic adhesive is often available in stick form and comes in various diameters, mostly used in hot glue guns, however, larger industrial applications are available and often applied in a larger, heavier duty format.  
The actual process involves simply heating plastic glue, then applying the melted substance as necessary. Hot melt adhesives are incredibly versatile across a wide range of applications. The product has clear and obvious advantages of other types of solvent-based adhesives. More importantly, the curing and drying steps are nearly eliminated when using a hot melt adhesive. The product also has a long shelf life and is non-toxic, thereby easily disposable. It’s easy to see why this type of product has become increasingly popular among those with adhesive needs. The different types of curing techniques used when applying these adhesives is fascinating as well. Some even involve ultraviolet radiation to complete the curing process.

With its superior strength and easy application, hot melt adhesives are leading the pack among adhesives for both small and large industries–in addition to manufacturing operations. Hot melt adhesives can also be used in the manufacturing of electronic devices, or even in the fabrication of disposable diapers. Spine gluing and adhesion of flaps for corrugated boxes and paperboard cartons are also obvious choices for hot melt adhesives. To learn more about this innovative and versatile adhesives, contact Evans Evco today.

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