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Exploring Options With Flat Bed Die Cutting

Today more than ever before there are many options when it comes to unique types of die cutting. From rotary die cutting and single blade cutting as well as various other types of unique cutting techniques modern manufacturing has many options today. One innovative type of system is known as flatbed die cutting. This type of cutting is remarkable simply because it offers a full range of volume requirements and material specifications that might otherwise not be possible.

Robust Types Of Substrates

Most important of all is the fact that this kind of custom flatbed die cutting is ideal for thicker and more robust types of substrates. Even metal foil and a full variety of other types of high density materials can be cut in a fast and efficient way when making use of what is known as flatbed die cutting. In addition, there are many types of embossing operations that frequently integrate this type of cutting technique in a very effective way.

Different Types Of Tapes That Are Pressure Sensitive

While there are many choices in terms of companies that offer this kind of unique cutting solution, one company has continually outpace the competition year after year. Evans EVCO is a reliable source for a vast range of packaging products, adhesives and different types of tapes that are pressure sensitive. The company fulfills just about any need for customers when it comes to everything from masking to bonding. Evans EVCO brings years of experience to the table for products and services that are customized as well as those that are standard in nature. Contact Evans EVCO today to learn more about the many options available as they relate to flatbed die cutting.

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