Evans EVCO converts industrial tapes and other bonding materials for your needs.

Converts industrial tapes and other bonding materials for your needs

Evans EVCO is one of the leading custom tape converters. Our materials expertise, our capabilities and our inventory provide everything in-house to fabricate customized parts from flexible materials and pressure-sensitive tapes.

As a distributor of 3M adhesives, our extensive inventory of industrial tapes, industrial adhesives, packaging products and self-wound overlaminates is available for bulk and custom order.

Evans EVCO has the answer to all your adhesive-backed needs. Our experts will help you identify the best bonding solution that achieves the performance and strength your product and process demands.

Industrial tapes

Our inventory of packaging tapes, single-coated tapes, double-coated tapes, pressure-sensitive adhesives and adhesive transfer tapes can be die-cut to your specifications. We also fabricate customized tape combinations.

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Industrial-grade adhesives

Our inventory and expertise can help you identify the industrial epoxy, structural adhesive, hot melt adhesive and spray adhesive that are most compatible with the material and the conditions. 

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Packaging products

Our packaging solutions are completely customizable, from custom-printed adhesive tape, foam sheets, poly bags, packaging foam, corrugate, strapping tape and more. We’re also a supplier of industrial tape dispensers from 3M and other manufacturers. 

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Self-wound film overlaminate

Durable self-wound film overlaminates for short-term outdoor applications as well as indoor printed label-and-tag applications. 

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Industries Served by Evans EVCO

Evans EVCO provides custom converting solutions for the following industries:

  • Light industrial: Manufacturing and assembly operations
  • Aerospace: OEMs, tier contractors, maintenance overhaul bases 
  • Automotive: Tier suppliers and aftermarket suppliers
  • Printers: Flexographic, screen and digital 
  • Graphic Design: Production companies and professional photo labs
  • E-commerce: Fulfillment operations
  • Electronic devices: OEMs, refurbishment and repair centers

Ready to discuss your custom die cut adhesive project? 

Converter processes: Our capabilities 

Tight tolerances? Intricate shapes? No problem. We’ll create a production plan that meets your timelines and requirements with our expert recommendations to keep costs to a minimum. Explore our broad range of capabilities to fabricate a product or prototype.


Die-cutting is the go-to method for cutting shapes from flexible, elastomeric material because of its precision and ability to achieve tighter tolerates. 

Rotary die-cutting

Uses a cylindrical die to cut shapes from flat material as well as cuts that are perforated or scored.  

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Flatbed die-cutting

Uses a hydraulic flatbed press to cut shapes from the material, and is ideal for thicker, denser substrates, including metal foil.

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Slitting and rewinding 

Need a roll of tape cut to a specific width? We can unwind a master roll, cut and rewind in a single operation. Slitting and rewinding are also applicable to other thin, flexible materials. 

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Single-blade cutting 

Can’t find the width you need from the manufacturer? We can cut master log rolls of pressure-sensitive tapes and adhesive-coated materials into the desired dimensions. 

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Flexographic printing 

Flexographic printing can convert film, paper and pressure-sensitive tape into a label. Whether used for marketing or instructing, our versatile capabilities can add style and/or function to your product.  

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Custom lamination 

Layer multiple materials, including foam, pressure-sensitive adhesive and/or film to create a custom, adhesive-backed material. We offer multiple processes to fit the material: cold laminating, heated laminating, single-layer laminating and multi-layer laminating.   

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Digital cutting

Software-operated blade cutting function eliminates the need for custom die tooling and long lead times. Our digital cutting is available in large and small formats.

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Other converting services 

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Check out our other capabilities to custom-fabricate your thin, flexible material. 

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Applications: Gasketing, masking and other adhesive-backed solutions from Evans EVCO

From the raw materials — pressure-sensitive adhesives, foams and laminate film — the options are almost limitless. Here’s a quick overview of some of the uses for custom converted parts made from engineered foams, materials and pressure-sensitive adhesives from 3M. 

Masking and surface protection

Custom masking solutions shield the surfaces you need to protect from overspray in messy applications like painting, plasma spraying and applying liquid adhesive.

Surface protection products shield finished surfaces from being blemished by mishandling, abrasion or other environmental causes and can be die cut to exact surface dimensions.

Joining & Assembly

Many double-coated tapes are used to join various substrates together in assembly operations. In some cases, they take the place of mechanical fasteners. They can also be die cut to match the exact dimension of the substrates to be joined.


Maximize uptime and reduce set-up time with continuous runs of material. Create a custom roll of extra-large sheets or rolls of materials with splicing tape. 

Surface release

When easy release and clean surface removal are top requirements for your peel-and-stick applications, Evans EVCO materials expertise in PTFE (Teflon) and UHMW Polyurethane tapes will help identify the answer. 

Gasketing & sealing

Foam gaskets backed with pressure-sensitive adhesive as well as custom foam gasket tape cut to exact width and thickness block dust, grime, moisture and the elements. We can assist with identifying the materials and best gasket tapes with the characteristics that can stand up to the conditions.

Vibration and sound control  

Build custom parts with materials and adhesives designed to soften and absorb the annoying rattles, hums and vibrations that can accompany appliances, engine/electric powered machines or electronic devices. Our custom sound-minimizing solutions feature adhesive for soundproofing panels, along with sound and vibration control adhesives from 3M that stop friction and absorb vibrations.  

Conclusion: Evans EVCO is the expert in adhesives and flexible materials. Our broad capabilities and extensive inventory can help you manufacture a solution for your product's toughest performance challenges. 

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