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Evans EVCO is your solution for adhesive products. Whether you need a customized tape product or bonding application, Evans EVCO can create the bonding application needed for your requirements. For over 80 years, we’ve been providing the best quality adhesives on the market. Save time and money by working with our experts to solve your adhesive needs.

Evans EVCO is your trusted supplier and resource when it comes to industrial adhesives.

Industrial Adhesives

Evans EVCO is not only your trusted supplier of industrial adhesives, but we’re also your go-to resource for bonding solutions, including epoxies, hot melt and spray adhesives. Our technical expertise, backed by our 3M Preferred Partnership, ensures you’ll achieve the performance, durability and strength required for the job. We’re here to help you identify the best formulation and adhesive strength for the material, use and environment.

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Epoxy Industrial Adhesives

Epoxy adhesives are among the most versatile and durable fastener-replacements available, which is why manufacturers turn to them for the most demanding applications.

Epoxy Industrial Adhesives for Automobile

Epoxy adhesives provide a cost-effective, highly durable bond in automotive applications. Epoxies are selected for their uniform stress distribution and larger stress-bearing areas. Epoxies can also take the place of metal fasteners to reduce vibration, rattling and other noises during operation.

Industrial Adhesives for Aerospace

The properties of epoxy adhesives are highly desirable in the construction of aircraft, vehicles and core accessories. Epoxy adhesive has a low density, which contributes to minimizing weight. Its excellent adhesion to metal and composite materials, its resistance to high temperatures and low shrinkage make it a reliable and durable choice for attaching parts.

Hot Melt Industrial Adhesive Solutions

Hot melt adhesives are an effective bonding solution for a wide range of products used by consumers in their homes every day. The thermoplastic resins liquify upon heating and are extruded to wet the surface. Once applied, hot melt cools and hardens quickly, forming a fast bond and achieving handling strength more quickly compared to other industrial adhesives.

Hot Melt Adhesives for Furniture

Hot melt adhesives are standard fasteners in furniture assembly, because they are a cost-effective, fast-acting bonding agent for wood, plastic, laminate, heat-resistant foam and fabric. Hot melt industrial adhesives reach handling strength in moments, eliminating the need for clamping and fasteners, which improves throughput. Hot melt is also a versatile fastening solution for small joints as well as large surface areas.

Hot Melt Adhesives for Packaging

Fast-curing hot melt adhesive bonds quickly with cardboard and paperboard, reaching handling strength in moments. For packaging applications, hot melt adhesive is a productive and highly effective bonding solution.

Hot Melt Adhesives for Electronics

Often used to bond plastics and components in electronic devices, certain formulations are non-corrosive to copper and offer excellent resistance to shock and heat. Once the hot melt adhesive cures, it’s virtually invisible between the surfaces, making it an ideal choice for fastener-free electronic assembly and streamlining design.

Industrial Spray Adhesives

Industrial spray adhesives are selected for their ability to evenly coat large surface areas with adhesive. Formulated in a range of grades and strengths, spray adhesives can bond just about anything, including wood, metal, high-pressure laminate, plastic, insulation, acrylic, foam and more.

Industrial spray adhesives have multiple applications, including temporary holding in manufacturing and assembly, palletizing and attaching labels, flooring, carpeting, furniture and seating.

Do you have other applications for industrial adhesives? Ask us! We’re here to help.

Why Evans EVCO?

In your search for industrial adhesive products, Evans EVCO has the inventory and the knowledge to advance your project to the next phase.

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