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Finding the Best Adhesive Transfer Tape

At first glance, many might think that adhesive transfer tape is not that big a deal. In truth, it is just as important as other types of crucial commercial packaging supplies that are designed to protect valued products. Indeed, today’s modern globalized world demands high quality tapes of all kinds as a way to ensure successful manufacturing, delivering and even advertising. When it comes to adhesive transfer tape, choosing the right company with years of experience in manufacturing and sourci (...)Read More

Quality Adhesive Transfer Tape for Your Unique Operation

Regardless of the industry or manufacturing operation in question, one thing is sure and that is that quality adhesive transfer tape must be of the highest grade available to ensure that an operation stays on schedule and on budget. Accepting second best when it comes to adhesive transfer tape can typically result in cost overruns, delays and other similar or related problems. Working with a reliable and dependable source in a full range of high-quality packaging products is always the first pla (...)Read More

Common chemistries and formats of adhesive transfer tape

(BPT) - When it comes time to design a converter for your industrial process or product, choosing the right format and adhesive type will have a big impact on performance and cost.As you begin the design process of your converter, use this guide to common adhesive transfer tape chemistries and their formats.Formatting adhesive transfer tapeAdhesive transfer tape comes in an unsupported format, meaning, it has no carrier. It’s also wound with a release liner, which stays in place until it’s time (...)Read More

Surface prep for adhesive transfer tape: Your guide to achieving maximum surface contact

(BPT) - In the design stage, your team considered the properties of the adhesive to determine if it was the right kind for your project.While your choice of adhesive is critical, it’s equally important to make sure that a poorly prepared surface doesn’t thwart your project. In the end, layers of dirt, wax, grease and other contaminants can work against you. So will failure to consider low-energy surfaces that are difficult to bond. Any of these can diminish the performance of your chosen adhesiv (...)Read More

What is Epoxy Structural Adhesive and What is it Used For?

Epoxy structural adhesive is a type of adhesive that is used to bond two surfaces together. It is made up of epoxy resin and hardener, and it can be used in a variety of industries. Epoxy adhesive works by forming a chemical reaction that creates a durable bond between the two surfaces. This product is reliable and can withstand a lot of stress and pressure. This unique adhesive is a great choice for a variety of applications. Some of the industries that use epoxy structural adhesive include con (...)Read More

Discover The Value of Laminate Adhesive Tape

Laminate adhesive tape is a versatile product that can be used for a variety of applications. It is durable and can withstand high temperatures, making it ideal for use in environments where other adhesives would fail. Laminate adhesive tapes can be used to bond laminate sheets together, as well as to attach laminate to substrates such as wood, metal, or plastic. It can also be used to create custom laminate shapes and designs. Laminate tape is available in a variety of widths and lengths to sui (...)Read More