What Is Slitting and Rewinding and How Does it Work?

Slitting and rewinding are a process used to cut and roll up various materials, such as paper, foil, and film. They often used in the manufacturing of products like packaging, labels, and tape. There are two main types of slitting and rewinding machines: rotary slitting and shear slitting. Rotary slitting uses a cylindrical blade that spins around to cut the material, while shear slitting uses a sharp blade that moves back-and-forth to make the cuts. The slitting process usually starts with a la (...)Read More

Learn All About Rotary Die Cutting and its Unique Applications

Rotary die cutting is a process that uses a rotary cutting tool to cut material as it is fed through a rotary cutting die. The cutting die consists of a series of sharp blades that cut through the material as it is fed through, resulting in clean, precise cuts. Rotary die type cutting is often used to cut materials such as paper, cardboard, foil, and plastic film. It is an extremely versatile and precise method of cutting and can be used for a wide variety of unique and modern applications.  (...)Read More

What Is Industrial Tape and its Uses?

Industrial tape is a type of pressure-sensitive adhesive tape that is widely used in industrial and commercial applications. It is made of a variety of materials, including paper, plastic, metal foil, and cloth, and is available in both roll and sheet form. Industrial tape is used for a variety of purposes, including packaging, sealing, bundling, strapping, masking, and insulation. It is also used in the manufacture of electronic components and in the automotive industry. Getting it right when i (...)Read More

Industrial Adhesive Applications 101: Uses & Strengths

(BPT) - When deciding on an industrial adhesive, it’s essential to consider all the aspects of the project at hand: Is it suitable for the materials you intend to join? Will it survive the conditions it is exposed to? Is it compatible with the amount of stress it will experience?There are a number of industrial adhesive types and applications to be aware of, but here at Evans EVCO, we specialize in three main categories: Epoxy adhesives (a subset of the larger structural adhesive family), hot me (...)Read More